Commercial Remodels/Renovations


Renovation or remodel: What’s the difference? While both terms are often used interchangeably, they are actually two different types of construction.

Renovations improve, update, or modernize an existing space with cosmetic changes.

For example: Renovating a retail strip center unit that is a hair salon to a new hair salon could include refreshing the paint or tile and/or changing plumbing fixtures/sinks; however, all plumbing and electrical systems will remain in their original location.

Renovations help to ensure that the first impression you make upon viewing a property is a positive impression on your company. It is common for a larger company (i.e. General Motors) to require continual renovations every few years to maintain the brands image.

 Remodels change the use or the layout/flow of a space through demolition and/or construction.

For example: Remodeling a retail strip center unit that is a hair salon to become an office suite could include removing plumbing fixtures/sinks or adding walls to subdivide the space.

Remodeling your existing space can help your business maximize the efficiency of the square footage you are currently in. Remodels take special skills as the contractor must know how to maintain the structural integrity of the building when altering the layout within the space.

Although a retail strip center is used in the example above, we can successfully complete a remodel or a renovation on virtually any property type. With our renovation and remodel services, Graham Commercial Contractors is able to transform your property into what you envision. Not sure where to start? Our team will work with you to produce a vision for your space to include the layout, design, budget, and an estimated timeline that minimizes the impact of your employees and customers during the construction. Whether it is minor cosmetic updates or a complete overhaul, we are here to bring your wants to reality.


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