Adequate preparation leads to a successful project. The preliminary planning services involved before the actual construction of the project begins is referred to as pre-construction. Pre-construction is an integral step of the construction process that should never be disregarded. There are numerous factors that need to be addressed before construction can commence. Pre-planning facilitates our company to produce a functionally and financially viable project. It also aids the client to better understand the project before they commit to any work being done. This stage allows our project managers and our clients to identify any potential issues, foreseeable obstacles, and their cost impacts on the front end of the project. This will in turn save our clients time and money, and it will ensure that all parties are on the same page. Although on-time delivery is important, at Graham Commercial Contractors, we believe quality is of the utmost importance.


Pre-Construction Services:


Thoroughly understanding our client’s goals, expectations, and objectives


Site selection and assessment

Visiting the construction site to determine if it is feasible for the requirements of the project


Engineering assessment

Collaborating with architects and engineers on your project


Cost estimating/budgeting

Working together to ensure function, design, and aesthetics come together within your budget


Value engineering

Suggesting alternative materials, products, and systems/methods to reduce cost



Identifying key milestones to plan the project from start to finish


Permitting/Site Plan Approvals

Taking your project through the city/county approval process before the project begins

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