Phoenix Air Unmanned

Cartersville, GA
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Phoenix Air is a world-wide aviation services provider headquartered at the Cartersville-Bartow County Airport in Cartersville, GA.  With a fleet of over 40 business class aircraft, and an aircraft maintenance support team of more than 100 professionals keeping them airworthy, having top quality, well-constructed aircraft hangars and support buildings is a must.  As our fleet grows, our need for additional hangars and specialty buildings grows.  Phoenix Air began using Graham Commercial Contractors a decade ago and we have stayed with Jeremy Graham and his team over the years for our new construction and renovation needs and requirements.  When we ask for an estimate from Graham, we get a cost proposal that we end up paying – no surprises – the Graham team is very good at estimating jobs and bringing them in on schedule and on budget.  Large aircraft hangars are complex buildings with very specialized requirements for load bearing floors integrated into heavy structural load bearing steel frames capable of carrying extremely large and heavy rolling hangar doors on embedded tracks, along with specialized electrical subsystems to support specialized aircraft maintenance equipment.  Jeremy and his engineering team have been excellent in working through these complex issues and delivering work-ready hangars and support buildings.  Phoenix Air highly recommends Graham Commercial Contractors for their quality or work and job management team.

Dent Thompson

Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, Phoenix Air Group

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